This page features all of the people that we've had the pleasure to work with! Though they didn't remain with us, we will remain always thankful that we were once able to call them our teammates. 


Chieu Nguyen

Chieu has a B.A. in fine arts and is responsible for all the art you see in Mystic Destinies, as well as everything in the MDSOA Artbook. Without her, we would not have been able to complete the Mystic Destinies series. 

She was with us for two years and to this day remains the artist who stayed with us the longest. 


Marta Fernandez

Monz is an experienced artist who specializes in painting realistic portraits. Her areas of expertise include proficiency with technical details of illustration, resulting in highly accurate, beautiful works, But Monz is passionately working to improve even beyond her already impressive skill set by learning to cover other visual art fields.

Monz has worked for a number of independent clients in the past, mainly focusing on portraiture.



Hazel is an experienced artist who specializes in creating emotive and colorful artwork that reflect her mood, emotions and preferences. Hazel’s pieces provide unique ways to see people through her eyes. 

As a landscape architect and part-time graphic designer in addition to her ability as a semi-realism portrait hobbyist, Hazel proves her versatility as an artist who is proficient in multiple visual fields.