Vesper — To the Edge of the Sky

Written and edited by Ajané J.K. Celestin. Based off the upcoming game To the Edge of the Sky


I descend the white, marble staircase. My back straight, each muscle poised to take the weight of gravity, I lightly step down. The crowd murmurs at my grace, the way my white dress flows after me down the steps. They gasp at my beauty, the way my wavy multi-colored hair cascades down my shoulders, framing a face that seems more like a doll than a person's.

Oh yes, I am well aware of all these things. One cannot control their influence if they cannot master their God-given gifts. Having power you cannot reliably wield is as nearly as useless as not having any at all. So yes, I became aware of myself, my gifts and abilities many more years ago than any here would suspect.

My observations, skills, experience and hard work coalesced into the Arbiter class I created to help assist KAIROS. It is just a small part of how I am atoning for my sins, but it is an important part.

I meet the crowd down below. They scramble to meet me, push inward in a chance to be nearer to me. I graciously smile and look into the eyes of every single person that I can. They smile back, some looking almost euphoric. It's always enjoyable to be able to cause that feeling in someone. But tonight, my goals are much greater.

I make my way through the crowd of my ardent new admirers and, taking a glass of wine from a passing waiter. I smile at him, nodding slightly, and he stumbles a bit in surprise. Lifting my dress, I gingerly climb onto the stage where the conductor yet stands. I nod and give a slight bow to him to which he returns.

These social dances… I know them quite well and yet they are not yet tiring to me. I still enjoy them, the push and pull, the ebb and flow of interaction. With all eyes on me, the orchestra halts their playing. The room is yet again filled with murmurs. Delicately holding my wine, I smile and look around into each of their eyes as I wait. Some are curious, some excited, while others devour me like predators watching their prey. I smile genuinely at each of them, giving them what they want. When the room is completely silent, then and only then do I speak.

I speak about many things. Past incidents, both famous and covered up. About happenings both hidden in deepest shadows of night and in the stark white light of day. I speak about raw emotions, and lofty morals far above humankind.

And most of all, I speak about revolution.

When I am done, there is a standing ovation as I had planned. I bow deeply, and am helped off stage by whatever bold person that decided to approach me. He leans in close to me and whispers in my ear that I have his support. I smile back, squeezing his hand and he looks back awestruck. I take the opportunity to leave back into the crowd of people who now press in around me.

Murmurs of support and shining eyes surround me. The adoration feels nice, but I do not let it reach the deepest parts of me. Yet, I smile back genuinely as I accept their compliments and words of support. I thank them for their help and allowing me to partake of their precious time.

At the end of the night, I leave in a white hover limousine. My job here is done and I yearn to go to my home and be alone. I close my eyes, letting go of all of the energy they gave me. I won't let it cling to me. I won't let their views of who I am reach me at all. Instead, I focus only on the thought of telling Prometheus and the leaders of the mission's success, and having a nice cup of warm milk and tea.