A New Start

Over the last few days, we showed off three new artists who will be joining us on the journey to creating To the Edge of the Sky. We wanted to showcase them all together!


XiaoHui was an artist we reached out to in the hopes she would be able to carry on a similar style. Her art has a pure charm that feels beautifully alive. 

Find her: Twitter || Instagram


As the only non-BTS fan artist, Audia will fill out an important role in the art team: detailed full body work from a game art perspective. We're looking forward to his cool character designs!

Find him: Deviantart


As an experienced and well-known BTS fanartist, he brings versatility to the team with his wide variety of compositions. We're looking forward to seeing what he can do on CGs!

Find him: Twitter || Instagram

The new artists aren't the only new thing though! As you might have realized, we have a new website. 

We wanted to start fresh with more than just art. Our old website felt too cluttered and was hard to update, which is why we wanted something new. We wanted to have something that fit us better and was much easier to keep updated. 

We hope you like the change! Come back and visit often ;)