On a Mission: Four – To the Edge of the Sky

Written by Eglė Dilytė, edited by Ajané J.K. Celestin. Based off the upcoming game To the Edge of the Sky.

It’s getting dark. The more “respectable” people in Olympia have gone home by now, but here in this debauched district of the city, the streets are no less empty now than they were in the day.

If anything, here things only get busier at night.

I sit at the edge of the roof, ignoring the off-key buzz of the neon sign below me and the incessant chatter from below. The countless voices all blend together into some unholy cacophony; a natural soundtrack playing to the tune of the midnight city. The outline of the passersby are everywhere I look; there’re so many, that I don’t bother to count.

But tonight, I’m only interested in one person.

My mark has been holed up in the rundown building across the street all day, leaving me stuck on this damn roof for hours. I focus my eyes on his still form lazing on the couch. He’s nowhere near the windows, so a dim outline through the wall is all I’ve been getting.

Him being still isn’t a problem, though – it’s quite the opposite for what I have to do. And the mark hasn’t moved in hours. If not for the clear vital signs I’m reading, I’d declare the bastard dead. There’s only one problem here, and that’s the wall in between us.

I click my tongue.

How long is this guy gonna sleep for, anyway?

“Four. Mission report?” Six’s voice comes through the other end on the coms.

“Nothing new to report. Target hasn’t moved off of his couch in five hours.”

Six laughs in my ear. “Five hours?! And you haven’t stormed the place already?”

Even though I can’t see him, I can practically hear him grinning from ear to ear. I shrug to myself.

Not like I didn’t consider it after the first two.

“That’s not the mission objective.”

The target’s form shifts. He slowly stands up and starts to stretch.

“Target on the move. Will report back later.”

Six doesn’t reply, I just hear the com go silent. Focusing, my temples throb, a warm tingle quickly spreads, moving to my eyes. The feeling disappears in a blink and the world blurs, the colors draining out of it. Time slows to a crawl as I turn the full attention of my augs on the target. I hear him groan as his joints crack and his muffled voice slowly reaches my ears.

Freakin’ cyber’s gone shit again, ugh. I paid for a change last week…I knew that asswipe ripped me off!” I only half-listen to his chatter while I ready my sniper rifle. The target continues to complain as he slowly makes his way towards the bathroom.  

I finally see him move into view and right into the view of my scope.

Come on, already. One more step and I can be done here. I’m starving.

The moment he fully moves into view, I pull the trigger.


I keep my augs focused for long enough to see the bullet go straight through his heart. I blink and the colors fade back in, everything speeding back up. I get a small glimpse of the body falling to the floor.

Wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight?

I turn on my comm. “Phantom Alpha, Four checking in. Target is down, mission complete.”

“Good job, Four. Get back to PHASe ASAP.” Nine’s the one who answers. “Oh, and pick up some takeout on the way. ”

Aish, me again?

“Yeah, got it.”

We close the com, and I glance at the broken window my gun shattered moments ago. My eyes move to where the target’s body should be, though I don’t see it. I don’t see his outline anymore either. My final check complete, I pack up and make my way from the rooftop, only one thought on my mind:

That pizza place should still be open, right?