November 20, 2017: Thank You to Our Fans

I’m writing this because I want to thank our fans. Our old fans, and our new fans.

It’s because of you guys’ support that we’re able to pursue our dreams and share them with you. Financial support is absolutely necessary, but emotional support is, too. And so I want to thank all of you who have given us it.

I don’t want to make this too long, but I want to just explain a little of where we’ve come from to get to this point.

It started with just me and Eglė in 2015. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, but we had a dream. We didn’t have any money and we were both in very toxic environments, but we had a dream.

It’s because people believed in us and gave us a chance that we were able to pursue the dream. But we still had very little money and were going through a lot on our own. We only received $3000 to make a game. We didn’t know what we were doing back then I admit, but we wanted to keep our promise. So we worked without pay for an entire year. We never had money to buy things we needed, at times I feared Eglė would starve, but we’ve made it to this point.

There were so many times we wanted to give up, but we had our enduring dream. Hence the name for the company.

The reason we got into BTS’ music on the level we have is because we related to them. Eglė found Dope and said, “Look, this is us! This is what we’re going through!” Up till that point I’d only looked at BTS and thought everything was nice, but wasn’t at the point where I wanted to get into k-pop.

But when I saw the meaningful lyrics for Dope, I felt like they understood what it meant to work hard, to work tirelessly and endlessly without ever getting any respect or recognition, what it meant to not know if you’d be able to eat, or to know if you’d be even able to continue to pursue your dreams everyday.

That’s what we’ve gone through for the past two years, and looking back, I can see that’s why we became so inspired by BTS.

We continued to fight and work hard and eventually we finished our first game and kept our promise; having been forged in hell, a do-or-die environment, we could maybe call ourselves professionals. One of us left, deciding that she wanted something different after all of that, but Eglė and I continued on and met Marta.

We still don’t have very much, that’s why we have to rely so heavily on fans, but we are so, so grateful for everything we get. We’ve gone from toxic, distracting environments having nothing, working on old and failing hardware – in some cases even without proper desks and computers, working in poor situations while our bodies hurt for hours on end – to recently being able to upgrade our computers and work environments so that we can focus better on providing our fans with an awesome experience.

There’s still shadows of the past clinging here and there, but the reason we can look forward to achieving our dreams in 2018 is because of you, and all that we can do together.

Along the way, we began to understand exactly why it is that BTS works so hard for ARMYs, and why they’re so grateful. In a way, our experience has been a parallel to theirs without us ever realizing it until this point. And like them, we will always remain humble and thankful and do our best to make sure that we give back twice as much to comfort you all, and change things for the better – regardless of where you are in the world, or in your life.

All that we have is thanks to your support. We’re going to have such an exciting and fun 2018 together with you. Thank you so much for being here with us.