On a Mission: Six – To the Edge of the Sky

Written by Eglė Dilytė, edited by Ajané J.K. Celestin. Based off the upcoming game To the Edge of the Sky.

I sit behind a dusty partition, right next to a huge pile of old boxes. I eye one of the boxes and gently run my fingers across the lid. The material feels strange, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

If it’s what I think it is, then these must be ancient. Even one of these could get me a good amount of credits from the right collector.

I allow myself a moment to wonder about it before I redouble my focus on the guards at the end of the hallway. They’ve been standing by the door for six hours now. Aside from the shift change an hour ago, the guards don’t move at all.

None of the guards have glanced at this particular spot I chose to lurk in even once.

I frown. Their lack of thoroughness makes my job easier, but I’m surprised that such lazy guards would be employed in high security facility like this.

Well, surprised might be the wrong word for it. More than anything, I’m disappointed. I stop myself from sighing.

If that room had any windows, or any alternate entrance point, this would have been far quicker.

I glance at my wristwatch and turn on the comm.

‘’Zero, did you crack it yet?” I whisper into the receiver. The line remains quiet for a few moments, before I finally hear Zero’s voice in my ear.

“Almost got it, hyung. The systems they’re using are more complex than the usual.” 

I hold back a chuckle at the honorific.

He’s never gonna get rid of that habit, is he?

I look down at my watch, all while still keeping the guards in my peripheral vision.

“Done. Good luck, hyung.” Zero signs off with a quiet click. The comm goes silent and I move into position.


All the lights in the building go out exactly on cue. The guards yell at the sudden and complete darkness that envelops the hallway.

For a second, I can’t see anything, although I can hear the guards shouting as they stumble around in the darkness.

I grin at their panicked shrieks and push myself up from the floor. The ever-familiar tingle spreads from my temples to my eyes, and in a blink of an eye the darkness fades away for me.

In any other circumstance, I might have laughed at the sight of the two men on their knees, groping around in the darkness.

With light steps, I walk forward and easily jump over one of the guards. I only half-listen to them trying to connect to someone on their disconnected comms.

Help’s not coming, I’m afraid. Not until I’m done here, anyway.

I stop in front of the door and crouch down in front of the lock. In their attempt to make this room unhackable, they made use of some old fashioned mechanical locks.

Itisunhackable, I’ll give them that. And that’s why I’m here~

I pull my tools out and begin fiddling with the lock. It gives in quickly enough with a soft “click” and I gently push the door open as I stand.

I look back to check on the guards. They’re further away now, walking down the corridor while holding onto the walls for guidance.

“Hmm…” I hum and duck into the room.

I should hurry.

The room in question is small, windowless, and completely dark. If I hadn’t already turned my augs on, I might not be able to see anything.

“Now then,” I mumble to myself. “If I was a secretive multi-billion credit pharmacy company exec, where would I hide the formula for the drug…?”

I make my way around the room, slowly taking in every detail and mapping it out in my mind.

A little brown box catches my eye. It’s placed somewhat out of sight on the table, partially hidden by some old folders.

Oho, bingo~

I grab the box and open it. Inside is a folded up piece of paper with a bunch of numbers and chemical symbols written all over it. I unfold the paper and quickly scan over the page to confirm the contents.

I fold it back up and tuck it inside my jacket.

Time to bounce.

When I leave the room, I find the hallway completely empty. Though it’s still pitch black, I walk carefully so as not to make any sound and keep my eyes out for anything ahead.

Ah, I can’t wait to get back. I really need a shower after sitting in the dust for hours.

I nearly reach my entrance point when the lights come back on. Five guards run out from behind the corner then, as if right on cue. They come to a halt when they see me, and I grin at them as I take a step back.

“Would guys believe that I’m lost?”

Another step back.

I grip on the pin sized flashbang grenade in my pocket.

Confusion turns to anger, and the guards all fumble to point their guns at me. I toss the flashbang on the floor in front of them and jump back.

It goes off the moment it makes contact with the ground.

Shots fly in all directions, but I’m halfway out the window before they can see me again.

I wink, and give them all a little salute before I drop down and make my escape.

Shower, here I come~