TTEOTS: Free vs. Premium

We created Premium for those that donated to the game and made it's development possible. However, we've released it publicly for sale as well.

What's different in Premium? 

Right now, not much. You get to dive a little deeper into Zero and Five's backstory. In general, you will get more choices and backstory. However, this is only half a chapter. The CG will be available only for premium users, for example.

We have plans to add as much content as possible to thank premium users as they are the ones who made TTEOTS possible. We did not wish to restrict the main story, but to give more content we couldn't have normally.

By the end of TTEOTS, we plan to have added more depth to Premium experiences, without taking away anything from free users. We want to get creative in the extra content we add, so we haven't detailed it out. If you're unsure, we recommend waiting till the game is complete.

What are the features in Premium?

  • Additional scenes

  • Additional choice selections

  • Premium-Only CGs

  • Through Their Eyes POV Stories.

  • More to come.

Where can I get Premium? 

It's available for PC and Mac on and for Androids on the Google Play store. Due to Apple's restrictions and approval process there will be a delay in release.