Mystic Destinies: Echoes Demo, V1 Released!


Download the demo here. And don't forget, you can also play by downloading the app. It will automatically download and apply any updates we may choose to give to the demo in the future!

Update: The Mac demo will say “To the Edge of the Sky". This is just a way to get around the signing issues we were having. When you click the app, it will be the Mystic Destinies: Echoes demo!

Mystic Destinies: Echoes' first demo has been released for PC & Mac! Please note: While the bottom navigation in-game is disabled, the side menu should work just fine!

This release consists of a work-in-progress UI, along with Chapter 01. We released this demo in order to give you a taste of the adventure ahead. The new Echoes duo team has spent the last month heavily revising the past two years of development’s script from the previous team. We believe that Chapter 01's story is close enough to the final version to release, although some things, such as more choice points, will likely be added.

We are working tirelessly towards a Spring 2019 release, but we are still on a budgetary hiatus at present which could ultimately decide the release date of the game. We are working hard on finding ways around that, as you can see by us being able to release a demo in-house for the first time. We are also on a hiatus from social media to focus solely on the game, so feel free to spread the demo around. Any questions or comments concerning the game or other Aeon Dream projects will only be answered after the release of Echoes and the end of our budgetary hiatus.

Please note this is the first Aeon Dream release from the new and current creative duo of Ajané and Jackie! (Which makes up 100% of the company at current.) Therefore, we decided to change our company logo to mark our new beginnings and chose something that fit the both of us well. The company logo will eventually be updated in TTEOTS as well, but we will leave the old one in the original MD game in order to showcase our growth and changes as a creative team.

We hope playing the demo will demonstrate to you both our renewed commitment and vision for our future games. Please also note that Mystic Destinies: Echoes contains and will contain mature content compared to our past releases. If you’re new to the franchise, we suggest you check out the first game while it’s on sale now! See you soon!

Download the demo here.