Check out our new knowledge base: 3/11/2019 Aeon Dream Studios News

Hi all, just stopping in to share some of our improvements with you. We are trialing Zendesk and preparing to utilize it’s ticketing system to resolve issues in the very near future. We will let everyone know once we are fully prepared to begin receiving and responding to your needs again and give the correct email address to reach us.

One of the cool features that come with Zendesk is a Knowledge Base or F.A.Q. Aeon Dream’s has begun being built, so please check it out and feel free to share the link if someone needs it. As the FAQs mention, it often takes us a long time to getting around to updating everywhere, including campaigns, while we’re on hiatus especially, so fans can spread it much faster.

Our website is meant to be the definitive source of Aeon Dream information since it’s easy for us to update and centralized, but the knowledge-base will be where we keep a running log of Q&A. We’re still experimenting with it, but we think it will solve one of our biggest problems with getting info out there and hope to keep it around!

Within the knowledge-base, we have also released a more nailed down timeline of releases, which I’ll share below.


We will share information on specifics regarding crowdfunding directly to those campaigns in the coming month. We are moving forward and rebuilding, slowly but surely.

Thank you, I hope you’re having a great 2019.