End of Budgetary Hiatus + More: April 4, 2019 Monthly News

Happy April! This is Ajané, back with this month’s newsletter. It’ll be a bit long because there’s a lot to cover.

End of Budgetary Hiatus?!

There are some big changes going on this month! I am expecting the end of the budgetary hiatus this month, which means we’re looking at two big releases upcoming: what I am currently calling Mystic Destinies: Echoes: Part 1, for Kickstarter backers, and To the Edge of the Sky: Chapter 04, and Four’s POV story for everyone.

I am doing my best to get both releases out between April and May. It’s very exciting being able to finally reach out to the great freelancers I have worked with in the past and restart team based work. I wanted to give something both to Mystic Destinies fans and To the Edge of the Sky fans together, to make up for the long delays, so I hope to release these very close together. When those releases occur, they will break the social media silence and they will be updated here as well. The hiatus on other parts may be slower behind as I want to get the games out quickly to those who have been looking forward to them.

Mystic Destinies: Echoes

I have decided that with all of the changes that have occurred, I will be giving Mystic Destinies: Echoes indefinite DLC. This will come free to backers who have not been refunded by the time of release. There were so many great ideas and extra content that gathered through the years as the project changed writers, that unfortunately could not be used for the main game.

I also would like to delve more deeply into topics that could not be explored in the main game due to time and narrative restrictions, so the best option for me to give the full game experience that I had originally intended would be to continue to expand the story with DLC releases throughout the year. That said, I am considering on when and if I will offer part 1 to the public, and on the exact format of how I would like to release the game to the public. I’m thinking of such ideas as selling individual routes separately, like MDSOA, for more flexibility, and even a Director’s Cut version later on…The difficult situation really prompted me to think harder about how to make the best game I can given the situation, and I think it’ll be all for the best in the end. I truly think MDE became a better game for all of its struggles thus far.

Rumors & the Logo change

I’ve heard in the past from fans that there are always a great deal of rumors swirling about us. Some are by anti fans who, for various reasons I imagine, would love for the company to fail and no longer make games. I consider it a marker towards the quality of our past works so far that such a small indie studio would receive so much consistent attention, whether positive or negative, even while on hiatus. It’s earlier in my career than I expected to receive this type of fandom, and it provides a unique opportunity for learning for me, for which I am grateful.

However, while I may personally benefit and grow as a professional from the challenge of working under such conditions, this can lead to fans of our games being confused by if information they see is real or false. I can say that if the situation occurred and I’m aware of it, I’ve discussed it here or on our social media in the past. I always try to clarify anything that has a basis in truth for fans.

With that in mind, I’d like to talk about the recent ADS logo change. We had previously updated the logo to one we had found on a free vector image site. However, we were informed that it was linked to two other artists who had not given their permission to the sites to give away their design. I took action to contact the artists, and removed the logo immediately. Our new logo is the one you see around the website here, the Infinite class logo, and I think it suits us and my enduring dream well.

The original artist, Pyran-Xi, whose artwork it belonged to has additionally written a journal below explaining the situation from her perspective. If you are curious: https://www.deviantart.com/pyran-xi/journal/Aeon-Dream-Studios-working-things-out-792370370

Steam & Mystic Destinies

Ever pushing forward, some older fans may remember us speaking in the past about a desire to move away from Steam as a platform for selling our games a few years ago. We took steps towards that by completely bypassing a Steam release with To the Edge of the Sky. Now with platforms like Itch getting bigger and more trusted, and new Steam competitors like Discord opening their game stores with better developer-to-seller financial ratios, I have decided to retire the sale of Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons on Steam.

Don’t worry, if you have purchased the game in the past, Valve has assured me that the same game access you have now will continue on, and you will not lose your purchase. New sales will be unavailable on Steam going forward, and for now you will need to purchase the game on Itch.io or Google Play. I am planning on and hoping to expand the platforms on which MDSOA is available in the future, and the same goes for Mystic Destinies: Echoes. I do not plan to ever currently sell on Steam again, but rather look forward to releasing and supporting on other new and upcoming game stores, in addition to expanding our mobile offerings.

To Our Fans

Over the past few months, I have received an endless stream of support from various people who have placed their trust in me. I now realize there’s a difference between a genuine fan who simply wants to understand things, and wants things to improve, and a non-fan who sees everything I do under a negative lens and simply wants me to fail. I understand that trust between you as a fan and I may be damaged, but I will continue to do my best to do better.

Because people like you have reached out to me with your words of encouragement and advice, I have not been even a bit idle during this period, and have thrown my whole heart and soul into improving things so that I can better showcase my works. I just want to say I’m ever grateful to you who continues to stand by our side, despite our mistakes, and despite the rumors.

It’s true much has changed over the past year, and the core team itself is no longer in existence.

But I do believe the changes and difficult situations I have been through will only produce a better, stronger me who can produce better, stronger works. I have always said to myself since I began writing “as long as I myself can be proud of my work and as long as just one other person enjoys and understands my work, I will continue to write” and the same goes for games. So thank you, for being that person up until now. I appreciate it more than words to say, and can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on with you.