August 2019 ADS Monthly News: MDSOA Relaunch on Steam

Hello all, Ajané here, just popping in for some quick news.

General Update

As you may know, ADS now has one core full time member, that being me. I’ve spent the summer dealing with some serious health issues requiring some multiple hospital visits, which is why I’ve been pretty quiet, and that’s slowed me down further with my work. That said, I believe I’m moving in the direction of recovery and really hope to get back to doing what I love full time the rest of the year. Things do feel overwhelming right now, but I am going to keep doing my best and believe they’ll get better. 

Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons will be coming back to Steam

MDSOA will relaunch here soon

A large part of my reasoning for removing MDSOA from Steam was the harassment I and the former team received on the Steam forums. I discussed the situation with Valve and after some time came to the conclusion to give Steam another try. It took a lot of hard work for my former team and I to prepare the game for Steam, and I hate to disrespect that work just because of harassment. Valve has informed me of tools I can use to better moderate those forums to prevent things from getting out of control again, and my conversation with them and better understanding of their attitude towards developers convinced me to return. 

Additionally, at their suggestion, I am going to make MDSOA available on other platforms as well. 

Mystic Destinies: Echoes won't be immediately available on Steam due to how involved getting it on that platform is from a technical standpoint. It's not something I can do alone. However, MDSOA will be the test to see if I continue selling on Steam in the future. Please note, if I should ever decide to remove the game again, it would be a permanent move. However, if you have bought the game, you will retain it on Steam indefinitely regardless.

I am also working on bringing the game to Discord’s store and iOS. 

Hope to be back in September with a bigger update!