Summary and Masterpost of Major Changes to Aeon Dream Studios

Hi, Ajané here. I’ve announced a lot of big changes, and I know things can get confusing, so I wanted to give a clear rundown in a masterpost.

Officially beginning September 2019:

  1. I am a solo artist and creator, not Aeon Dream’s leader. Aeon Dream Studios is not a creative team. The Aeon Dream you knew from 2015-2019 is over.

    What This Means: The name is now solely a moniker under which I will continue to produce creative works with the assistance of freelancers I occasionally hire. The entire creative process from here on forward is mine. All of the writing is done by me. This isn’t drastically different from how things were since I had already had most of the roles within ADS, and was the creative director and lead writer, but it means there is no creative core at all other than me. Professionally, Jackie remains with me in a limited capacity as Discord Community Manager. As a fan, sister and supporter, she remains in a full capacity =)

  2. ALL creative content produced by me will be released episodically, in small parts, in a serialized fashion.

    What This Means: Much like To the Edge of the Sky, this will apply to Mystic Destinies: Echoes as well. PC versions will be updated more frequently, since mobile releases are both time consuming and frankly, expensive. Mobile releases will be larger in size and slower as a result, at least for the foreseeable future. That way there will be less waiting in general for fans, especially for projects that are already delayed. I can’t suddenly produce a full game, but I can give fans on PC access to games as I make them. Mobile releases will follow when I have the budget to get them on there. My health will come first, however.

  3. My Patreon will be the base of my creative content production and releases.

    What This Means: This will contain the most comprehensive library of my work, and most frequent and in-depth updates. This website will continue to serve as public access to public updates, and individual crowdfunding websites and social media will be updated as much as I think is needed (generally relegated to only large updates.) I am hoping this will be able to support my continued development, as right now it looks impossible for me to continue developing. You can find out more about this in my blog update about it.

  4. The Support Email is back up, after being on hiatus all year.

    What This Means: Straightforward, but it’s as I said. It’s back up with a new ticketing system to allow me to track messages. You can find out more about this in my blog update about it. It means I’ll also be addressing digital rewards that have been delayed thus far.

And, regarding the ongoing legal situation with ex-fans-turned-antis that have been engaging in harassment and smear campaigns…

  1. I still won’t be interacting with people engaging in active harassment or who have been blacklisted, or are soon-to-be implicated in my defamation lawsuit.

    What This Means: Game Development, digital rewards, email support and the Patreon is taking priority over these matters because the fans are more important to me than antis, but I am still planning on pursuing these matters before the statute of limitations is up.

  2. Refunds are still not possible with no budget.

    What This Means: If you are blacklisted, you can potentially expect a refund when/if it becomes possible, along with potentially being served a lawsuit. Blacklisting means I won’t be interacting with you in any capacity or providing support even if you buy any of my content in the future. Harassing me won’t do anything except add up evidence to my defamation case.

Final Thoughts: I’m not asking anyone to stay with me through these changes. For me, it felt like everything had burned down to ashes under the weight of past mistakes. But, I don’t think it was a bad thing, as much as a needed thing. So for me, this is a rebirth, a chance to restart and do better with all of my experiences behind me, but also to try and tackle the challenge of completing what the former team and I had started (with no budget no less!)

But no matter how tough the path ahead is, this was entirely my choice to try and fix things on my own. When faced with quitting or changing, I chose to change and leave the past behind. Whether you decide to see where that takes me is entirely your choice, and I respect that. For my part, I am excited to begin sharing with the world again, this time as Ajané.

Thank you.