Dev Log: On Hate(ers)

Update, 9/19/2019: My experiences ended up culminating in me writing this in-depth essay on my observations, feelings and analysis of toxic people, usually known as haters or antis. Hope that sharing my thoughts can help someone!

Today, while fulfilling some delayed backer rewards, I came across one particular backer who had apparently been sending me messages full of hate for quite some time. Now, there are at least 20- 30 of these people that have dedicated their life to spreading their negativity about me, and I normally just go on with my life. But I was quite surprised at this one because I couldn’t really imagine how someone I had barely ever talked to could spew so much hate?

These are a series of messages that they sent to me, without me responding in between, (except the first one where I said I couldn’t do a refund), that continued on their own between January 2019 and September 2019. The reason I am showing them is because I wanted fans who were interested to understand the kind of messages I was receiving from people, and why I’m pursuing legal action. I think that a lot of creators and probably celebrities must get these kind of messages, and I don’t think it should be something that’s hidden in the dark. It should be talked about. People are just people, and I don’t believe anyone should ever be treated like this. And I sincerely hope this person can get help. (Click on the picture to see all three screenshots)

I think what’s interesting about this particular person is that they took a very aggressive stance towards me based off the fact I was falsely accused by a former artist that had been with us for a few months of non-payment (I have plenty of proof towards otherwise, in fact they made more than any other artist I’ve worked with, but that’s for another post I’m preparing in the future).

They also saw me explaining the truth behind campaign and game delays as “throwing my team” under the bus. They twisted everything that they heard to fit some kind of specific vision of me being evil, and themselves, some sort of champion of justice…All the while I hadn’t even been seeing those messages.

No matter what you think someone has done (I mean, short of big ones like murder), mercy, understanding and love is a better tool to resolution than throwing hateful words around. Yet, this person had never actually come to talk to me about any of this. They just started lobbying names and cursing at me without actually taking the time to get to know me. Most backers and fans, however, just took my explanation as “Ah well, projects just go wrong sometimes, but thanks for trying to fix things” and it’s a stark, but welcome contrast to me versus how the vocal minority thinks.

For my part, I really do hope this person is able to pursue legal action for their $15 (even though I have fulfilled their rewards they no longer want), because I’d love to have the opportunity to speak for myself on a fair playing field that isn’t just hateful yelling. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to shine a light on the ugly reality of what I’m experiencing, because chances are that your favorite artist is getting messages like these, too. It’s why your support is so very important to people’s whose works you enjoy.

- Ajané