New Store Open on TeeSpring!


Now at! The link is now on this website navigation too.

I've added a few TTEOTS things to the new store, based off the preliminary survey results for popularity. Real talk: I hadn't done any merchandise up till now because I always found it a pain in the butt to focus my efforts anywhere but on my creative work, but I have all these wonderful assets and fans that at least want the option of having merchandise, so this is the least I can do. I want to become a better, more successful overall creator by taking small steps like this.

The survey results are pretty much asking for small/cheap things like keychains, but right now I'm just starting with TeeSpring. I'd need to open another store on another site to get access to more accessory options, but I want to do things slowly and carefully for now since there's always a lot to do for me! I have to manage my time carefully. I’ll add more in the coming weeks, and I’ll balance out all the TTEOTS with some of the MD suggestions I got as well. I'm also very optimistic about being able to keep doing what I'm doing because of my patrons on my Patreon! I hope that all of this will gradually contribute to me being able to be able to afford to keep developing full time.