To the Edge of the Sky Chapter 04 & Through His Eyes: Four Released for Premium


To the Edge of the Sky Chapter 04 & Through His Eyes: Four Released for Premium and Free on Android and!

Known Bugs (5/16/19)

  • Android: If you begin a new game, it uses Evren no matter what name you put in.

  • Through His Eyes: Four isn’t available for purchase on yet.

    We are in the process of fixing these. If you find any bugs, please let us know on the TTEOTS Discord server in the bugs section. We should have a patch within 12-24 hours.

  • iOS Premium will be released following Apple review

  • iOS Free will be released following that.

  • In the future, iOS Premium and Free will come out alongside the other versions.

Download Premium versions below

Update coming soon

Update coming soon

Premium Update Notes

  • Chapter 04 content has been added.  Please access this from your save, not the Mission Select screen in order to load all your previous choices, as they will affect your options.

  • Four's POV Story, Through His Eyes is now available for purchase. It is available at a 50% discount for Premium players at $0.99 and can be accessed through the new Extra Stories menu.

  • Operative Three's new character model has been added; only Five is left to go!

  • Mission Select mode now allows you to replay through your favorite missions!

  • Other UI tweaks here and there.

NOTE: If you are a Premium player and can’t get the update to show up on your side for any reason, please check out this thread.

Free Update Notes:

  • Chapter 04 free content has been added.  

  • Chapter 03 premium content is available for individual purchase

  • Four's POV Story, Through His Eyes is now available for purchase. It is available at a 50% discount for Premium players.

  • Operative Three's new character model has been added; only Five is left to go!

  • Mission Select mode now allows you to replay through your favorite missions!

  • Other UI tweaks here and there.

  • The prices on individual premium chapters access were raised to be in line with Premium’s price and Extra Story prices.

Developer’s Notes on Chapter 04

Update (5/15/2019): I wanted to clarify my reasoning on why Extra Stories cost $0.99 on Premium. When I originally offered Premium, TTEOTS was a tribute game that had a very different development model. It wasn't going to continue on originally past one season, and wasn’t going to have any extra side content.

After the game became fully its own, I wanted to start exploring the world more and show other perspectives. I had planned to keep this free for premium players, but during the budgetary hiatus, I realized that the best option to be able to continue development was to charge a small amount in order to financially justify the time investment and costs.

Basically, this is extra DLC that wasn’t planned or announced at the time we priced Premium and is not essential to enjoying the main story. The originally planned season 01 content will continue to remain fully accessible for Premium players.

Original: This chapter was originally created back in September 2018. I wasn’t able to release it until now, so it feels nice to finally have it out. After the intensity of chapter 03, I decided to slow things down a little. This chapter is pretty dialogue and relationship heavy, and you finally get to learn more about PHASe, some backstory, and have a good talk with Phantom Alpha’s leader. But be warned if you are a Premium player: the choices you make during this chapter are very important in some areas and will affect the rest of the season. Be careful who you choose.

All that said, I’m still working out how precisely I want to do romance and friendship paths, and what I want to be available to free players. So far, it looks like Six’s path will be available by default. By the end of season 01, the game will likely get a large update that helps tie everything together nicely. This update would likely break game saves, but would allow players to play through from the full season freshly without having to worry about the many changes we’ve had to do again. But for now, just play responsibly!

Have you ever wondered what he was thinking? See for yourself...    Through His Eyes: Four Out Now!

Have you ever wondered what he was thinking? See for yourself...

Through His Eyes: Four Out Now!

Writer’s Notes on Through His Eyes: Four

This was the last work of our former teammate, Egle Dilyte, for ADS. I really enjoyed choosing music for the POV because Four himself has a different vibe than the main storyline music usually demands for. Overall, the POV itself is intensely emotional, yet rough - just like Four, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Four’s POV covers all of the important Chapter 03 scenes from Four’s POV, ending at the emotional rooftop scene. You can purchase it as a single in-app purchase on Android and Apple in the free version for $1.99, or if you have the season pass for Premium ($9.99) on any device, it’s available at a 50% off discounted rate of $0.99.

The premium decision was made in order to cover costs of being able to offer these initially unplanned special stories. Chapter 01 - 07 choices, scenes, CGs and all associated other perks will still stay the same.

It’s important to note that the characters in POVs will act as if you took their route/path at every available opportunity, as well as assume a romance path in order to show the most content to fans. I can’t wait to share more of these Chapter Season 01 POVs with you guys, and I already know who’s next…


To the Edge of the Sky has been re-rated on Google Play to be Mature 17+. It now more accurately reflects the current and planned content in the game. Unfortunately, this caused it to become unavailable in South Korea for now.

Please note, that as this game is no longer a tribute game, and I want to cover real world themes that are often present in our own pasts and daily lives, there may be triggering content. If you are a person who can be triggered by violence, drugs, alcohol or sexual themes, I would suggest passing TTEOTS up.

I always do my best to keep things mild and generally only include text references, but everyone has their own limits that they hopefully know and are aware of. Besides that, it’s always nice to have a heads up that there may be some dark content ahead so everyone can prepare themselves. I’d like to try something lighter in the future, but I wanted to give a heads up that TTEOTS is not that game.

pasted image 0.png

What’s Next for TTEOTS?

A few things to note:

  • Season 01 is considered Chapters 01 - 07.

  • Premium is for unlocking Chapter 01 - 07 additional scenes, choices and CGs, and will include special stories. It also includes early access unlocks during active development. For Season 02’s Premium access pass, you would need to pay again if you want access to that when that time comes - but by that point I plan to be offering a new pricing model on games (more about that in my future posts). For now, however, please enjoy the additional options, CGs and stories available with your Season 01 pass! You will not lose this access.

You will be able to develop a bond with one of your Phantom Alpha team members. The choices in the game are already set up to conduct that, but the system won’t be completely finalized until the end of Season 01. I am still working on it, but I know already that I want there to be a choice for a friendship and romance path. Currently, the free version is looking like it will only have one choice. The choice will allow free players to see into both paths as well, but Premium players will be able to choose from the full cast.

Please look forward to future news and updates, as I’m always working to improve myself as a developer and have a lot in the works I want to share soon.

~Ajané J.K. Celestin

End of Budgetary Hiatus + More: April 4, 2019 Monthly News

End of Budgetary Hiatus + More: April 4, 2019 Monthly News

End of Budgetary Hiatus?! There are some big changes going on this month! I am expecting the end of the budgetary hiatus this month, which means we’re looking at two big releases upcoming: what I am currently calling Mystic Destinies: Echoes: Part 1, for Kickstarter backers, and To the Edge of the Sky: Chapter 04, and Four’s POV story for everyone…

Aeon Dream Studios News (Saturday, October 20, 2018)

Hello all!

First off, I want to announce that we have added a store component and Eight’s new design into the next update of #TTEOTS. Think of it as a small in between update with bug fixes, the store and new art. It may not yet be available for your platform yet, as we’ve started pushing it in phases.

Furthermore, I am announcing that we will be delaying all games further, from now on. It was a difficult decision. Delaying doesn't mean we aren't working, but it does mean we'll need longer to complete things. We are known for fast releases and good quality content. That comes at a price. Everything does. Our health has suffered, especially mine. I cut sleep for so many years that I forgot I didn't have permanent dark circles. I decided I wanted to change my life and put my health and personal life in balance with my work life. The takeaway is:

  • I am going to slow down ADS game development to allow us to focus on other things, like just being a healthy, happy human and spending time with our loved ones.

  • I am going to continue To the Edge of Sky indefinitely now.

  • We are going to take the necessary time to complete and finish Echoes. Many delays came up with that team, and I cannot predict a release date fully beyond before the end of this year. But the project is about 80% finished.

  • We are still going to fulfill all our rewards obligations. The plan is to do so by the end of this year so we can start the new year fresh.

The obligations we've made to our fans and the fans who have supported us weighs heavily on our minds. That is why we have been tirelessly working throughout the years, nonstop. For survival, but also to fulfill those obligations to the fans. I understood that my personal life should not slow down or affect the work I do. But unfortunately I am only human, and stress does take its toll.

I want to keep creating, but I know we need to do it in a different way. It is thanks to you all that I think we can finally slow down a bit. We've been spending the money we got by putting it right back into development. This has been such a draining way to live, and it's difficult to get to a comfortable stable place as a company. I want to change all of that. I know that true fans won't want us to be unhappy and unhealthy.

I need to focus on getting things to a more stable place in order to be able to create works from a better place. But it will take some time to see the fruits of these labors. It was because of Echoes push backs that were often due to illness, family death, travel, etc, that I realized that we can't continue on like this forever. Life happens. It gets in the way of art and creating. Without placing blame, I can say it also puts stress on me trying to make people do more than they mentally or physically can within time frames.

We need more time for life to happen to us. We deserve to live outside of our games as well, and to live healthily. So I want to create a better work-life balance for all of those who work with us. And there is a solo creative project I’m excited to start for myself as I continue TTEOTS indefinitely. The benefit of this decision, is that I’m able to work on more than one project now.

You who love our work and who support us with understanding. You who let us be ourselves. You who support our health, well-being and happiness. You who make our characters and games feel so loved...

Thank you 💙

Ajané J.K. Celestin

Please find the updated release schedule below.

NOTE: All dates and information is subject to change without notice. Development schedule shown is released only as a courtesy estimates, not a binding agreement. If you have any questions about anything, please contact us directly at


  • ADS hiatus


To the Edge of the Sky

  • Through Their Eyes: Four release


To the Edge of the Sky

  • Chapter 04 release

Mystic Destinies Series

    • Mystic Destinies: Echoes release?

    • Mystic Destinies crowdfunding campaign rewards begin releasing


  • Rewards fulfillment for Mystic Destinies campaigns continues

  • Digital rewards fulfillment for To the Edge of the Sky campaigns begins


To the Edge of the Sky

  • Chapter 05 release

Mystic Destinies Series

    • Mystic Destinies: Echoes release?


  • Rewards fulfillment continues