Short Stories

Ephemeral - A Short Story Not Unlike BTS' Singularity?

This story was originally posted on our Patreon in February 2018. The reason I decided to release this one publicly now is because I read the lyrics to BTS' Singularity and thought there was an uncanny similarity and wanted to share it. I actually wrote it while listening to BTS' Crystal Snow on repeat. 

On a Mission: Three – To the Edge of the Sky

I stare at the three monitors before me. My eyes flit between each screen, scanning the data flowing endlessly on each one.

What did I miss? DidI miss anything?

The information cycles through several times. By now, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen each line.

The data collected all checked out. I’m sure it did.

The Masquerade, Part 2/3 – To the Edge of the Sky Halloween Special Story

I step out of the car, pulling my glittery, loose shirt a little tighter in the cold air.

“Ah, it’s cold.”

I glance over at Five and see him staring at nothing in the distance. I don’t say anything. I know he’s trying to get in character.

It’s not just holiday revelers wearing masks tonight.

The Masquerade, Part 1/3 – To the Edge of the Sky Halloween Special Story

Eight is driving tonight.

I’m leaning on the open car window, one hand behind my head, the cool wind blowing through my hair.

The white lights from passing cars appear like quick flashes, reflecting on the shiny thread in my expensive slacks.

“Five. You ready?”

Nine’s Birthday – To the Edge of the Sky

Today is my birthday.

But it’s other people’s birthday, somewhere else. And new children will be born and then it will become their birthday, too.

Weddings will happen today, and many other good things.

And today in the world, many sad things will happen as well.

But it’s just another day to most people.

On a Mission: Zero – To the Edge of the Sky

They’re fast.

That’s what I think as I watch my target scramble up the side of a building. I’m far away, really far away.

The glass and white-colored buildings of Olympia are between us, along with patches of greenery, and people going out for their mid-day lunch.

But thanks to my augs, I can see the person in black clearly against the slick glass of the building. The glass’ reflection makes it look as if they were climbing the sky itself.

So, it’ll be a rooftop chase, then.

On a Mission: Six – To the Edge of the Sky

I sit behind a dusty partition, right next to a huge pile of old boxes. I eye one of the boxes and gently run my fingers across the lid. The material feels strange, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

If it’s what I think it is, then these must be ancient. Even one of these could get me a good amount of credits from the right collector.

I allow myself a moment to wonder about it before I redouble my focus on the guards at the end of the hallway. They’ve been standing by the door for six hours now. Aside from the shift change an hour ago, the guards don’t move at all.

None of the guards have glanced at this particular spot I chose to lurk in even once.