Art Reveal: Eight's Redesign


Meet the fourth and final incarnation of Operative Eight! His new face is courtesy of Operation Phoenix. The body design was a part of our planned art revamp, funded by fans. The art revamp had been created with a goal to better represent the characters in a post-cyberpunk world, now that we had the time and funding to do so.  Please look forward to the detailed art and concept notes in the To the Edge of the Sky artbook, which will begin being created once the main story is finished.

Eight’s new design was conceptualized by Ajané J.K. Celestin, acting in an Art Director and Character Designer role. Some of her notes on it are as follows:

Unlike the other characters, I had a hard time with Eight initially. Nothing came to my mind until I decided on what element of Eight and his class I wanted to portray: alluring. Someone mentioned in a tweet that his previous inspiration looked like a Greek god with short hair, and it stuck with me. I used togas as loose inspiration for the outfit base, and then researched what was considered “sexy” in men’s clothing. The colors popped into my head from the beginning - his character feels at home in a nightclub to me, and that’s what the outfit, with its neon pink against the darkness tries to portray. Regarding his Operation Phoenix revamp, I tried to go for something sexy, edgy and unexpected. I’m even more pleased with it than the old design.
— Ajané J.K. Celestin