Mystic Destinies: Interview # 4: Iulius Caro


As part of our promotions for the upcoming release of Mystic Destinies: Echoes, the spin-off sequel to Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons (available for Android, Itch, Steam and soon to be iOS), we've got our fourth interview up on the blog. Aeon Dream's Lead Creative Writer, Eglė Dilytė speaks about the character Iulius Caro, previously the antagonist in Shou's main story.

Creative Director Ajané J.K. Celestin interviewed Eglė about the character.

Ajané: Okay, so I myself have not yet played or read any routes...I just have to ask, would you say Iulius’ personal story is the darkest? And - without giving spoilers - why or why not?

Eglė: Yes, it definitely is. I would say that it’s largely because he had the darkest backstory even in the first game. His life story is a long and dark tragedy, in more ways than people realize, and it’s something that follows him all the way into Echoes.

Ajané: From my perspective, Iulius is probably the most seemingly “evil villain” out of the Echoes guys. Although he had his reasons, the actions he perpetrated in the prequel, Mystic Destinies, might make some players have a difficult time accepting him. Did this provide any kind of challenge when writing his route? Did you take his prior actions in Shou’s route into consideration at all?

Eglė: I have to admit that no, it didn’t. I understand that some people will have some difficulties with accepting him, which is perfectly fine, but to me it’s more important to simply show the other side of the story. There are things that we couldn’t feasibly show about him within the first game, things that might shed more light onto certain events.

His actions in Shou’s route are definitely a part of it all and that’s something that I’ve wanted to touch on since Echoes was conceived.

Ajané: I know from working with you that Iulius is a deeply personal character to you. You want players to know how he feels. However, is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to players knowing? (Such as backstory, quirks, personality, etc).

Eglė: Definitely! I look forward to people finally seeing his more true personality, rather than the harsh image he felt he had to project. Besides that, his own personal struggle with certain things and how he deals with that and learns to overcome the things that have haunted him for so long.

Ajané: Will players get to see new, lighter sides of Iulius?

Eglė: I would say that players will be able to see both a lighter side of him and a darker one. You would think that there’s nowhere darker to go after what happened in Shou’s route, but this is a different kind of darkness.

As for the lighter side, that’s something that shows a little from the very start. He’s definitely not as harsh as he was before as he’s not out to do what he did in MDSOA. Interacting with him should be an entirely new experience as he doesn’t come at Aurelia as an enemy, but an equal.

Ajané: What was the biggest challenge writing the potential romance between Iulius and Aurelia?

Eglė: Iulius is actually a very closed off person, so it's hard for him to actually willingly let anyone slip past his defenses. He’s been alone for longer than anyone has lived and that definitely affects you. After that long of a time it’s hard to let anyone in, so there’s definitely that struggle there.

Aurelia’s own struggle isn’t too dissimilar from his. So it’s just trying to get two people who are too used to being on their own together.

Thank you to Eglė for all her time and for answering the questions so well. Catch Iulius in the upcoming game, Mystic Destinies: Echoes, releasing in September 2018 for most platforms!

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