Mystic Destinies: Echoes Interview #3: Katsunosuki Kaseima


As part of our promotions for the upcoming release of Mystic Destinies: Echoes, the spin-off sequel to Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons (available for Android, Itch, Steam and soon to be iOS), we've got our third interview up on the blog. Aeon Dream's newest writer, Jacqueline Rivera speaks about the water dragon, Katsunosuki Kaseima, previously the antagonist in Tatsuya's main story.

Creative Director Ajané J.K. Celestin interviewed Jackie about the character.

Ajané: Well, this is pretty awkward, because this is my character originally! So I’ll approach this from a different perspective. Was it challenging taking over someone else’s character? Specifically what, if anything, was most challenging about taking over Katsu?

Jackie: Taking over someone else’s character is a unique challenge that I’m actually used to! However, in regards to Katsu, he bears the challenge of not wanting to open up fully to people. There’s a mask there that a lot of people in his position have, and he is no exception. It’s something even I had trouble getting past, but once I did, things moved a lot more smoothly. Predicting what a character would say can be hard for me sometimes, but I’m grateful to be in the unique position of understanding him pretty well.

Ajané: Is there a part of Katsu’s personal story that you think players will look forward to the most? What is it?

Jackie: I think a lot of people (myself included) would be most curious about his sister. She plays a prominent role in his life long after her death (remember the room he stays in a lot in Tatsuya’s route?) and I’m sure it left a lot of people with questions about who she is and why she’s so important. I personally looked into who she is and her importance to him, and honestly...I nearly cried! I hope I can portray that emotion and importance she has to him in the game.

Ajané: During your own research learning about Katsu, was there anything that surprised you? Why?

Jackie: Yup! Two things, actually. The first is that there is a certain trait in him that I think players might notice in Echoes that isn’t obvious in the first game. I don’t want to give it away, but he shows what it is in his subtleties. I have to say, I wasn’t too surprised it was there but the extent of it was surprising and saddening.

The second is this: He loves cute things! So much! It’s so adorable and I’m happy to know this little fact! It won’t be so prominent within Echoes except for one scene, but that scene will really show it off.

Ajané: Do you think that players had enough information to understand Katsu just from playing Tatsuya’s route, or is Echoes needed to really understand him?

Jackie: I don’t think so. In the first game, while you can pick up things about him that aren’t obvious if you squint, he does keep things very vague about himself. He keeps up a certain image that everyone sees, but I learned after deeper research that this isn’t all there is to him. It’s a large part, but Tatsuya’s route doesn’t allow players to see anything past that “competitive playboy” image he has up.

I also learned recently that some people probably couldn’t even catch the subtle hints that showed there is more to him, as he can push all the wrong buttons in a lot of people. This is why I feel that playing Echoes is important to understanding him: there’s more to explore in a game where he isn’t an antagonist or just a side character.

Ajané: Was there any challenges or favorite parts of writing Aurelia and Katsu’s potential romance?

Jackie: Aurelia is very much not for his charms! It’s hard trying to get them in certain situations because she really just says “No” to a lot of the things he wants. It’s a good thing, and amusing at times. Working with two characters who are extreme in their own way can really cause the romance portion to clash with everything else. It’s like a balancing act, but I enjoy it. I feel that he really needs a woman like Aurelia, though, so I’m doing my best. It’s not impossible to find a compromise between the two of them, but their personalities do clash.

Thank you to Jackie for all her time and doing such a great job answering. Catch Aurelia in the upcoming game, Mystic Destinies: Echoes, releasing in September 2018 for most platforms!

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