Mystic Destinies: Echoes, Interview #1: Pax, The Pirate Queen

As part of our promotions for the upcoming release of Mystic Destinies: Echoes, the spin-off sequel to Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons (available for Android, Itch, Steam and soon to be iOS), we've got our first interview up on the blog. First up is Aeon Dream's Lead Creative Writer, Eglė Dilytė, speaking about the all-new character, The Pirate Queen Pax.

Pax makes her debut to the Mystic Destinies series as Aurelia's best friend and one of the main protagonists. Creative Director Ajané J.K. Celestin interviewed Eglė about the character.

Ajané: Can you talk a bit about Pax’s creation/character development?

Eglė: The story of how Pax came to be is a little odd, yet absolutely perfect for her. I don't think I'll ever forget how it happened. It was in the middle of crunch time, we were going on little to no sleep, to the point where things were starting to get a bit weird.

And as we were talking, one thing led to another and Pax kind of made herself known. You could say that she practically willed herself into existence. She wanted to be there and she wasn't going to be ignored and that's how she was created.

She has a very strong personality that is very much "her" and she's very unapologetic about it.

Ajané: What’s Pax’s role in the story?

Eglė: Without spoiling anything too big: she's the best friend, the one person who will give Aurelia unquestionable support and will dive right into any kind of trouble for her without so much as blinking an eye. She was there when the mistake that started everything happened and she wants to be there until the end.

She does have a bigger role to play, but I'll leave that up to the fans to find out ;)

Ajané: It’s extremely uncommon for otome protagonists to have a second prominent female character. How do you feel about going against the grain with Pax’s large role in Echoes?

Eglė: Honestly? Great. I think that it should be a far more prominent thing and that we shouldn't be standing out for this. There has been a longstanding trend to show relationships between women as something less than real. Shallow, catty, backstabbing and etc. Or nonexistent at all.

Fiction is a powerful tool and while it can help people, it can also send the wrong message and make people believe things that are genuinely harmful. While I don't mean that all women are perfect and none of them are ever shallow or catty or anything else, I do mean that seeing these shallow female friendships in fiction can make you feel like you can't possibly relate to other women.

We've all heard that "Oh, I'm not like other girls." and I believe that sort of view is influenced by how women and female friendships are often portrayed in fiction. There is also the fact that if the main character does have a female best friend, as soon as men appear within the story, the friend ends up largely disappearing from the story.

So I feel like Pax having a large role, especially one as Aurelia's best friend is important. I do hope that one day this won't be unusual at all.

Ajané: Anything you want players to know about Pax?

Eglė: There are many little fun facts that come to mind, honestly. And there's so much I want people to know, it's hard to resist not just spilling her whole history! But, if I have to choose something, then... Pax is a very free spirit, with only Aurelia truly gaining her loyalty so far. She's also no saint, of course. Though I'm sure you can guess that from the title "Pirate Queen".

She was actually born during the golden age of piracy! So she's quite fond of that time, as “lawless” as it was.

Ajané: Do you have a favorite moment in the game with Pax?

Eglė: Yes! I have a few actually, but most of them are very spoilery so I will keep them to myself until after the game comes out. If anyone wants to know after though, feel free to come and ask me!

As for something non-spoilery: it's really not even a specific moment, it's the little moments between her and Aurelia. They're friends and they've known each other for so long and they know each other better than anyone else and I think you can really feel that. So I don't know if this really counts, but my favorite "moment" is just all the little moments between the two friends.

Thank you to Eglė for all her time and for answering the questions so well. Catch Pax in the upcoming game, Mystic Destinies: Echoes, releasing in September 2018 for most platforms!

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