Art Reveal: Seven's New Casual Outfit


Check out Seven’s new casual outfit! This outfit will be worn during downtime between missions. Please look forward to the detailed art and concept notes in the To the Edge of the Sky artbook, which will begin being created once the main story is finished.

Seven’s new design was conceptualized by Ajané J.K. Celestin, acting in an Art Director and Character Designer role. Some of her notes on it are as follows:

I thought long and hard about how I wanted Seven to be portrayed. I viewed other fanart and things for inspo, and one of the pieces had Seven in oversized clothing. I liked this concept and I felt it fit the cute part of her personality that she would show more in her downtime. I wanted the outfit to be the opposite of the mission outfit in that it’s very relaxed, but still incorporate who she is, especially with her Drifter background into it. Sexy was also a factor here - Seven is a confident adult woman at the same level as the rest of Phantom Alpha, and I wanted to show that she knows it.
— -Ajane J.K. Celestin