Introducing TTEOTS' Six' New Look


Meet the third and final incarnation of Operative Six! This design was a part of our planned art revamp, funded by fans. The art revamp was created with a goal to better represent the characters in a post-cyberpunk world, now that we had the time and funding to do so. Please look forward to the detailed art and concept notes in the To the Edge of the Sky artbook, which will begin being created once the main story is finished.

Six's new design was conceptualized by Ajané J.K. Celestin, acting in an Art Director and Character Designer role. Her notes on Six's redesign are as follows: 

To begin the redesign with Six, I spoke with Egle to find out what the most important aspects of being a Specter were. Getting in and out of places undetected was the largest focus, so I thought of something sleek, that wouldn’t catch on anything. Dominique and I worked to add other elements to make it cyberpunk, with Audia interpreting them further. The coat symbolizes Six’s role as a sub-leader in the group. I was surprised with the face Dias created for Six, but I felt it really symbolized him growing into his own character. I hope that fans would look at Six as a different incarnation of his inspiration J-hope, and as a unique character in his own right, and do the same with the other Phantom Alpha members.
— Ajané J.K. Celestin, Creative Director
 Concept illustration by  Dominique Wittwer

Concept illustration by Dominique Wittwer