Art Reveal: Operative Four's Redesign

Meet the final incarnation of Operative Four! His face is part of Operation Phoenix and his mission outfit design was a part of our planned art revamp, funded by fans. The art revamp was created with a goal to better represent the characters in a post-cyberpunk world, now that we had the time and funding to do so. You will be able to see Four’s new looks when Chapter 03 releases.

Please look forward to the detailed art and concept notes in the To the Edge of the Sky artbook, which will begin being created once the main story is finished.

Four’s new design was conceptualized by Ajané J.K. Celestin, acting in an Art Director and Character Designer role. Some of her notes on it are as follows:

My task was to create a new outfit for Four. Later on, before we were able to reveal this outfit, Operation Phoenix also demanded a new face and created an opportunity to change up the basics of his design a little. For the mission outfit, I asked Egle what was most important to a Wraith on a mission.

As you can see, I decided on sleek, but protective tactical gear without anything unnecessary, to help Four complete his missions. Concealing his identity was also important, so the mask and glasses were added. With the Operation Phoenix changes, I decided to add silver into his design and hair to further give the aesthetic feeling that he is cold and sharp, like a knife.
— Ajané J.K. Celestin

On a Mission: Four – To the Edge of the Sky

It’s getting dark. The more “respectable” people in Olympia have gone home by now, but here in this debauched district of the city, the streets are no less empty now than they were in the day.

If anything, here things only get busier at night.

I sit at the edge of the roof, ignoring the off-key buzz of the neon sign below me and the incessant chatter from below. The countless voices all blend together into some unholy cacophony; a natural soundtrack playing to the tune of the midnight city. The outline of the passersby are everywhere I look; there’re so many, that I don’t bother to count.

But tonight, I’m only interested in one person.