mystic destinies: echoes

Update on ADS!

Hello all! I wanted to talk just a little bit where we are now as a company.

We hired another writer to help us with our spin-off to Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons, Mystic Destinies: Echoes, back in February 2018. She is a long time fan-turned friend-turned coworker. 

I picked Jackie as the only other writer we've ever had because I personally enjoy her stories more than any other fic writer I've come across in the past few years other than Egle, and because almost no other fan knows the MD universe as well as her. She is working alongside our Lead Creative Writer, Egle, in order to complete the game under the plot I began, along with my supervision. Meanwhile, I lead To the Edge of the Sky. As our team is split, we ask for your continued patience.  

We are now working with quite a few freelance artists to get all of our projects done to satisfaction, and I am overseeing all of them.

We have no other projects planned for the remainder of 2018, and it is our goal to have all of our games completed by the end of summer 2018 so that we can take a creative rest. You can rest assured that all of our current projects and rewards are set to be wrapped up by the end of 2018. Our team has been through a lot of life changes, and company changes, but we're always doing our best to get our games out. We want them to be released just as much as you do. Thank you for your patience while this small, but ambitious indie team continues to mature and learn to find its footing.