Art Reveal: KAIROS Leader Temperance

  • Temperance Lead writer: Eglė Dilytė
  • Character design: Eglė Dilytė & Audia Pahlevi
  • Body/outfit art by: Audia Pahlevi
  • Face/hair by: Audia Pahlevi

    Meet KAIROS leader Temperance! Temperance is a very important character in the story, as players progressing through it will see. Please look forward to the detailed art and concept notes in the To the Edge of the Sky artbook, which will begin being created once the main story is finished.

    Temperance's design was conceptualized by Eglė Dilytė. Her notes on Temperance's design are as follows: 

With Temperance’s outfit there was always one thing that had to be shown, a certain vibe that she had to have: mysterious, alluring and dangerous. The inspiration for her original design was taken from a certain character that Ajané and I both love, though we knew that we needed to further modernize it for 2077. For that, I really had to think about her role within KAIROS as well as her class. Originally she wore a dress, but that didn’t give enough freedom for movement for what she does. Though modernized, the design still pays homage to the original one as well as the inspiration for it all.
— Egle Dilyte